January Update (Jailed!)

So the new site is up as explained in my previous post. Good news for us today as it seems Alden was picked up on Dec 30th 09 and spent new years in Jail. He had a court appearance earlier today and apparently he was picked up on a forgery charge for writing bad checks to purchase some vehicles. He was processed at the downtown twin towers and then transferred to LA County Jail. A contribution on the old blog site states:

“Info on the arrest is correct he will be at Rio Hondo Court House in El Monte today at 1:30pm. He was arrest on a warrant that was issued for not appearing on court date in Dec. I was there he did show up but some guy saying he was the brother showed up for him.”

Look Up His Booking Info:

www.lasd.org or www.vinelink.com

DOB: 07/21/1974
Name: Alden Allen

Contact Montebello PD: 323-887-1313

Author: Chris T.

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6 thoughts on “January Update (Jailed!)”

  1. He just got released on his own recognizice. Gotta love the justice system. Really why does this guy even want to be on the streets for…?

  2. I got a notification saying that he was released @ 12:15. from the vinelink system, and the LASD inmate website states the same thing. I am about to send you some pics in a few minutes.

  3. I’m the one that emailed you ealier..his release may be true I spoke with the da this morning about 830 he said his court date was for the 12th of jan but that he spoke with his att and might put him on calendar today they were gonna give him probation 120 county jail and ordered to pay restitution ….I asked the da to call me back today with the final results…I will update as soon as possible

  4. Ok I said I would update so here it is…. he did get released today or and is to appear back in rio hondo courthouse jan26 to surrender himself for his sentencing which is gonna be 120 day probation and restituition is gonna be ordered……hahahaha…it gets better when he was released he was picked up by brea pd and is now in orange county jail. Booking number 2551713 …this a**HOLE is slowly going down

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