Alden Makes Contact – More Lies

Liar So a few weeks ago, after my latest post regarding the Real Estate venture, I received a call out of the blue from our buddy Alden. He started off by saying that he wanted to makes things right with me and he proceeded to tell me some sob stories about his life and his family. Among other things, he stated that he was going to try and get me the money he owed me and he asked that I take his latest phone number and location off the site for a week and a half and then put it back if I wanted. I figured it wasn’t a big deal so I went ahead and made the change.

Fast forwarding to this week (Weds), I got another call from Alden telling me he was going to get me squared away today, Friday and that I will hear from him by 6pm. Again he asked me for a favor by taking the site completely down for 2 days while he was going through a custody battle for his kids. I figured either way it wouldn’t hurt me and if Alden came through I would be a few bucks richer. Keep in mind I flat out told him that I wasn’t expecting to see a dime and that I “knew him too well” to expect any follow through. At any rate, as one would expect, it is now late Friday night and nothing happened. I guess people like him don’t change at all. Like I said I wasn’t expecting a miracle but the extra money would have been nice. Needless to say I wont even bother talking to the asshole any longer.

So, if you like hearing people lie, check out the attached voice mails he left me after the break.

Voicemail One

Voicemail Two

Voicemail Three

December Update

Well it seems Alden isn’t dead yet but he is still up to his old tricks. How a guy like this, pure scum that is, can continue to live unharmed is beyond me. Well here is the latest that I have gathered from some posts and contributions.

Current Address: 4528 Earle Ave. Rosemead, CA 91770 (*UPDATE* Evicted)

This bastard had a court date on 12/9/09 which I didn’t find out about until too late. I really wish I could have been there. I need to keep up with this site more it seems. Anyone interested could get the details: Rio Hondo Court house in El Monte. Booking number is 2127462.

Recent Contribution:

“Mr. Allen is here in San Gabriel, CA. He came to me last year with the same story about getting me a LCD TV for an inexpensive price and he needed $100 dollars to secure the order that he placed for a large shipment. I thought about giving him the money but decide against it. This happen in 2008. Today 12/11/09 he is trying to scam one of the doctors here at the office. He has promised him an LCD TV for 250 and has not delivered the TV as yet. The Doctor actually gave him the money on Wednesday night 12/9/09. I will also supply his address it is 4544 N Delta Avenue Rosemead, CA 91770. I feel sorry for the kids.”

Latest Update:

Apparently the address at Delta is his in laws house. I have heard he and his wife are now separated as well.