Alden’s Harrassment

So today I had to change my google voice number because this guy won’t stop calling me. I told him before that I am done talking to him and listening to his lies. So after he got the hint that I wouldn’t pick up any more he started leaving voicemails. Anyway, listen for yourself to what he has to say. To me it sounds like rants from someone who is trying to blame me for his shitty life.

“ruin my life…” – I ruined your life? That is hilarious! You are the moron ripping people off and pissing them off. I am simply making others aware of it.

“you tore our family apart…” – WTF? Are you fucking kidding me Alden? I won’t even comment on this further.

Voicemail #1: Download
Voicemail #2: Download

Alden’s New Alias – Sal Cisneros?

These days, the name Alden Allen Jr. is not very popular. It’s really only a matter of time before the asshole starts using borrowed or made up names. So far, one name has turned up and it is almost certain that you can bet he is using the name at this time. I will of course keep everyone updated as I find more but for now see below keep an eye out for anyone using the name “Sal Cisneros”.


Alden Strikes Again… on eBay

eBay ScamWell that didn’t take long at all did it? It seems our boy Alden has officially bent over a grip of people over on eBay as well. I am not exactly sure how he planned on this playing out but PayPal and eBay have protection to keep buyers safe in these situations. Needless to say he will not have that account much longer. His stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

He did change his eBay ID to so.cal_fanz_shop but the old ID does point to the new one. At any rate, I did try to warn eBay earlier about him but it seems they don’t care until people actually start getting ripped off. Anyway, check the links after the break to see who he is pissing off these days.

I am working on getting his latest address and contact information for anyone that is interested.

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