Viva Las Vegas

So a few people have contacted me the last few weeks regarding Alden being in Vegas. Yes, he is still scamming people in case you are wondering but is that really a surprise. The latest information I have is that he is now going by the name “Al Jr.” and that he likes to target raider fans at the moment. He is also going by “Al Raider Nation Jr.” on Facebook. Additionally I have some updated pictures of him as well and it appears he has put on some weight. I baffles me how he is still alive at this point. Considering everyone he has ripped off over the years it is surprising he is not in Jail or dead.


Alden’s New Alias – Sal Cisneros?

These days, the name Alden Allen Jr. is not very popular. It’s really only a matter of time before the asshole starts using borrowed or made up names. So far, one name has turned up and it is almost certain that you can bet he is using the name at this time. I will of course keep everyone updated as I find more but for now see below keep an eye out for anyone using the name “Sal Cisneros”.