Viva Las Vegas

So a few people have contacted me the last few weeks regarding Alden being in Vegas. Yes, he is still scamming people in case you are wondering but is that really a surprise. The latest information I have is that he is now going by the name “Al Jr.” and that he likes to target raider fans at the moment. He is also going by “Al Raider Nation Jr.” on Facebook. Additionally I have some updated pictures of him as well and it appears he has put on some weight. I baffles me how he is still alive at this point. Considering everyone he has ripped off over the years it is surprising he is not in Jail or dead.


Big Daddyz Kustomz

So here is Alden’s new business info. Apparently he is still in the sports apparel business. See below for all of the information that I currently have. I am still working on getting more infomration.

Email: [email protected]

He’s still out there… unfortunately.

So a few weeks ago I received an update from a new follower. It seems that Alden is still out there and up to his old tricks again. His new operating location and possible place of residence is now Torrance and El Monte. His update phone number is below so feel free to give him a call before he changes it. I am also working on getting more info from my source at the moment.

New Phone Number: (323) 803-4492

Alden’s New Alias – Sal Cisneros?

These days, the name Alden Allen Jr. is not very popular. It’s really only a matter of time before the asshole starts using borrowed or made up names. So far, one name has turned up and it is almost certain that you can bet he is using the name at this time. I will of course keep everyone updated as I find more but for now see below keep an eye out for anyone using the name “Sal Cisneros”.


Facebook Integration & Facebook Page

Its about time that I kept this site up with the times so I am happy to announce that I have added Facebook integration as well as a brand spanking new Facebook page dedicated to the site. You will now be able to “Like” the Alden Allen Jr Scams Facebook page and get the latest news and updates directly through Facebook.

Alden Allen Jr. Scams Facebook Page

On a side note, if anyone has Alden’s Facebook profile address please share!

Back From The Dead (Update)

So it has been a while since I updated the site but I continue to get emails from people who have been ripped off by Alden every now and then. Today I received an email from a Realtor who has been in contact with Alden for the last few weeks. Apparently Alden is trying to buy a house and this Realtor has been skeptical of Alden’s credibility and decided to look him up on the internet and stumbled across the site.

“He had me make an offer but can’t seem to show his proof of funds which is needed in order to get the offer accepted. However, he kept pushing me expecting me to get it accepted and telling me I can count on him to send in his proof of funds the next day and that was a week ago. He seems to have an excuse everyday. I get this sense that he is using me and expecting me to get this house for him without him having to pay for it which is impossible though. His trick is saying he got all this money from an inheritance.”

There is no doubt that it is our Alden, in fact I can guarantee it is. One can only guess what Alden’s angle on this is but if he has the cash to putt down on a house I am willing to be it’s not from an inheritance. At any rate, I am happy to say that I have some new info on Alden thanks to this unnamed source.

Current Location: Montebello, CA

Cell Phone #: (323) 314-6907

Current Email: [email protected]

August Update (Jailed Again!)

Happy days are here again. Thanks to all who sent in tips on Alden and notified me that he is currently in Jail again. For anyone interested you can get the complete booking info and court dates with the information below. He was arrested on 08/06/2010. Also this arrest will violate his paroll in OC as well so he will most likely be picked up on his release in 80 days and go to OC prison:

Look Up His Booking Info: or

DOB: 07/21/1974
First Name: Alden
Last Name: Allen
Booking #: 2430086

No News Is Good News?

Well it has been a while since I updated the site but there has been no news on the Alden front for quite some time. I was expecting to find him in Jail very soon but it seems that he is either there and I don’t l know it or he managed to fade away. Although it is highly unlikely that he has given up his fraudulent ways, here is to hoping that he has fallen off the face of the earth.

If anyone has any updates, please let me know.

O Asshole, Where Art Thou?

Ok, folks so I have had a few tips come in recently which I have been sitting on for a week as instructed. But I feel that this stuff needs to be shared so everyone can help track down the toothless wonder.

To start, it appears that Alden is wanted by the police. Both LA and OC sheriffs are on the hunt for him. I don’t think he is in custody yet but when he is I will post all the custody info here on the site.

Secondly, I have heard from 3 people that he is now operating out of the OC. This has been confirmed by his new cell phone number, which I now have, and some pictures from Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim. The people in these pictures with him are supposedly friends of his but I don’t know how a asshole like this has friends at all. If anyone recognizes any of them, or if you are one of them, please let me know. I just want to clear up rumors that they are in on it with him.

So on with the info:

Cell Phone: 714-457-8394


Back At It!

Well it seems that Alden doesn’t waste any time at all now that he is out of jail. He is officially back at it again only a few weeks after he was released from jail. I do not have all of the specifics yet, but a tipster has contacted me to let me know that a few of his friends or in the process of getting coned by Alden. Now its really no surprise to hear it but I would have though he would lay low for at least a while before jumping back into it.

Anyway, I hope to have more information on his scam soon so check back.