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So who is Alden Allen Jr. you ask. Well, to put things shortly, Alden Allen Jr. is a con artist. He will basically sweet talk you into some kind of deal and then take your money and give you lie after lie until you give up or he moves on to a new city and does the same thing all over again. Below is some information that I have been able to gather on him from my own encounters and various other people. Don’t be his next victim learn all about him here.

Updated: 09/03/2014

Full Name: Alden Donald Allen Jr.
Known Aliases: Alden D. Allen Jr.
Alden Allen Jr.
Alden J Allen
Alden Donald Allen
Alden Alen
Alden D Allen
Allen Alden
Al Jr.
Al Raider Nation Jr.
Email Address: [email protected]
[email protected]
Drivers License #: A8651925
DOB: 07/21/1974
Current Known Location: Las Vegas, NV
Other Known Locations: Fontana, California; Rialto, California; San Bernadino, California, San Gabriel, California; Rosemead, California; Wrightwood, California; Victorville, California; Hesperia, California; Oak Hills, California; Montebello, California; Anaheim, California; OC, California; Los Angeles, California; Torrance, CA; El Monte, CA
Current(ish) Contact #: Cell: (323) 803-4492
Scam(s): Mobile Audio & Video, Vehicle Customizations, Sports Memorabilia, Home Theater Audio & Video
Convictions: Grand Theft, Forgery, Willful Disobedience, Driving w/o License
Public Records: Background Check: Download
LA County Civil Cases: Download OneDownload Two
LA County Criminal Cases: Download
Orange County Criminal Cases: Download
Riverside County Civil Cases: Coming Soon…
Riverside County Criminal Cases: Coming Soon…

His Ugly Mug:

10628242_10204881622903986_122882721833245766_n 994471_10204881621903961_7653992840124631189_n

I will add more information on this later but for now this is what I have on him. If you have additional information to contribute, please contact me.

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