Still In Jail

Well it seems good old Alden Allen Jr. is still in Jail. This is great news to hear and hopefully he will do his time and then some. I fixed the link to his custody information below so the link in my previous post should work again. If anyone has some updated information on his status, other than tomorrows court date, please post it in the comments. I am sure that others would love to hear what is going on as well.

Booking Info:

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3 thoughts on “Still In Jail”

  1. That’s the justice system at it’s best. I’ll let his friends know he’s out again.

  2. I heard this asshole was released from jail… and that all charges were dropped!!! What the Fuck??? How could that happen? Why the fuck does he keep getting released? Is he sucking the judge’s dick or what? It just doesn’t make any sense to me. What’s it gonna take to keep this cocksucker locked up?

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