Back From The Dead (Update)

So it has been a while since I updated the site but I continue to get emails from people who have been ripped off by Alden every now and then. Today I received an email from a Realtor who has been in contact with Alden for the last few weeks. Apparently Alden is trying to buy a house and this Realtor has been skeptical of Alden’s credibility and decided to look him up on the internet and stumbled across the site.

“He had me make an offer but can’t seem to show his proof of funds which is needed in order to get the offer accepted. However, he kept pushing me expecting me to get it accepted and telling me I can count on him to send in his proof of funds the next day and that was a week ago. He seems to have an excuse everyday. I get this sense that he is using me and expecting me to get this house for him without him having to pay for it which is impossible though. His trick is saying he got all this money from an inheritance.”

There is no doubt that it is our Alden, in fact I can guarantee it is. One can only guess what Alden’s angle on this is but if he has the cash to putt down on a house I am willing to be it’s not from an inheritance. At any rate, I am happy to say that I have some new info on Alden thanks to this unnamed source.

Current Location: Montebello, CA

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