Alden’s Harrassment

So today I had to change my google voice number because this guy won’t stop calling me. I told him before that I am done talking to him and listening to his lies. So after he got the hint that I wouldn’t pick up any more he started leaving voicemails. Anyway, listen for yourself to what he has to say. To me it sounds like rants from someone who is trying to blame me for his shitty life.

“ruin my life…” – I ruined your life? That is hilarious! You are the moron ripping people off and pissing them off. I am simply making others aware of it.

“you tore our family apart…” – WTF? Are you fucking kidding me Alden? I won’t even comment on this further.

Voicemail #1: Download
Voicemail #2: Download

Author: Chris T.

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3 thoughts on “Alden’s Harrassment”

  1. Wow… Alden is simply clueless. Like everything that comes from his mouth you should take what he says with a grain of salt. If he is planning anything at all I doubt it is “legal” in any sense of the term. No lawyer would advise anyone to call and leave stupid and incriminating messages like this guy does. Either way he is obviously full of hot air and can barely put coherent sentences together.

  2. I had to post after i stopped laughing so hard , He’s talking about being a man ?
    after being a total coward ripping ppl off of their hard earned cash , ppl who had families and bills to pay , who’s only mistake was to know him and feel sorry about his BS lies and believing the My mother died history , just to realize died for the 5th time along the years .
    this person has total disregard about his family , and fear of God .
    I will NEVER dream of putting my family at risk just to get a quick buck.
    Since i know you read this blog I will address YOU : If You really love Your kids as You say You do, the best you can do is Apologize to EVERYONE you Screw and pay them back , Even that wont be enough since by YOU stealing their money , many had lost houses, work, or even loved ones , You dont know if they needed Money for medicines, food, etc. and you took that away. Ever though about that? .
    sleep on that .
    sad to see is the only thing You’re pissed at is getting Caught .

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