Facebook Integration & Facebook Page

Its about time that I kept this site up with the times so I am happy to announce that I have added Facebook integration as well as a brand spanking new Facebook page dedicated to the site. You will now be able to “Like” the Alden Allen Jr Scams Facebook page and get the latest news and updates directly through Facebook.

Alden Allen Jr. Scams Facebook Page

On a side note, if anyone has Alden’s Facebook profile address please share!

Public Records & Convictions

So I thought I would share all of the data I found during my research into previous court cases and criminal history on Alden. Needless to say it is surprising to see all of the trouble he has managed to get himself into. Additionally, I wonder how in the hell this guy is not in jail on a consistent basis. At any rate, I have updated the About Alden page to include some of his convictions and added documents and records regarding his previous cases and convictions. I will be adding more later once the Riverside county search page is active again.

-Background Check: Download
-LA County Civil Cases: Download OneDownload Two
-LA County Criminal Cases: Download
-Orange County Criminal Cases: Download

Allenz Sports Zone – Aldens New Business

Well I warned Alden that if he screwed with me again I would double down. After doing some research I found a shit ton of court cases against Alden in the LA county system dating all the way back to the late 90’s. Some of the later cases deal with his divorce and child support issues but those are a different story for a different day. I did hear some good news about his ex wife yesterday so I am glad she got out of the relationship while she could and is doing well.

Anyway, on to the good stuff. It seems our boy Alden is starting a new business called “Allenz Sports Zone” which you can check out via http://www.allenzsportszone.com/. The domain was registered last month so it seems that all of this is probably why he wanted me to take down the site for a few days. Maybe he is trying to get some type of business loan or something. I learned that most of the other stuff he told me was a lie but that is no surprise. There is an address listed on the whois but I doubt that it is an actual store. I will get out there this week to check it out some time and report back.


Allenz Sports Zone
5815 E 6th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90022

At any rate, I will continue my digging and report back when I have more information.

Update (6/28/2012): After looking up the address on google maps it seems this is a residential address. Who knows maybe Alden is living there.

Update (7/01/2012): It seems he has a brand new eBay account as well – allenz_sports_zone

Alden Makes Contact – More Lies

Liar So a few weeks ago, after my latest post regarding the Real Estate venture, I received a call out of the blue from our buddy Alden. He started off by saying that he wanted to makes things right with me and he proceeded to tell me some sob stories about his life and his family. Among other things, he stated that he was going to try and get me the money he owed me and he asked that I take his latest phone number and location off the site for a week and a half and then put it back if I wanted. I figured it wasn’t a big deal so I went ahead and made the change.

Fast forwarding to this week (Weds), I got another call from Alden telling me he was going to get me squared away today, Friday and that I will hear from him by 6pm. Again he asked me for a favor by taking the site completely down for 2 days while he was going through a custody battle for his kids. I figured either way it wouldn’t hurt me and if Alden came through I would be a few bucks richer. Keep in mind I flat out told him that I wasn’t expecting to see a dime and that I “knew him too well” to expect any follow through. At any rate, as one would expect, it is now late Friday night and nothing happened. I guess people like him don’t change at all. Like I said I wasn’t expecting a miracle but the extra money would have been nice. Needless to say I wont even bother talking to the asshole any longer.

So, if you like hearing people lie, check out the attached voice mails he left me after the break.

Voicemail One

Voicemail Two

Voicemail Three